The CMSimple WIKI

This Wiki is independent. It is thought to list and present all CMSimple plugins and addons. This requires that every person interested in CMSimple participates by adding the plugins, addons and tips & tricks they developed or will develop. This may be freeware as well as payware.

To get a quick overview about what’s all around, click in the Menu on
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Tips and Tricks.
To search for certain topics use the Search function.

This WIKI is open to all users. However, editing and creating new pages are restricted to registered users only. Registration is free, of course!

Add your new plugin or addon yourself!

You are encouraged to add your own plugins and addons yourself. Please, help us to keep the wiki up-to-date. It will support the whole CMSimple community.

Also, if you have new tips how to deal with some problems or difficulties, please, share your solutions with the community.

The wiki offers help how to manage contributions. If you still have questions, please, ask one of the admins.

Do you have a modified version

of an existing plugin or addon? If so why don’t you share it with other CMSimple users. Offer a download page and link to it from the specific plugin/addon page. Add some explanations about what’s different from the original. If you don’t possess own webspace, just upload your file to the Wiki. Look how it’s done for simpleRSS and simpleMultiUser.

How do I add a new page?

If you are new to this WIKI and you are not sure, how to generate new pages in this WIKI, but you want to add a novel contribution, please check creating_new_pages.
However, if you do not want to study this very, very short list of explanations, you can add your contribution on one of the following pages. The administrators will move the topics to their right places later.


How do I add code?

Yep, the Wiki is protected against malignant programming code. So if you want to share your code with the CMSimple community via this Wiki - and you should do this! - , you have to use special wiki syntax. The syntax for HTML, PHP and Java is:

<code html> your code <*/code>
<code php> your code <*/code>
<code java> your code <*/code>

But, remove the star (*) from <*/code>. It has just been added to show how you should embed code (it wont work with the star!). As an example how code looks like treated the way just explained check custom_mailform.

For more help check syntax

I messed up something

You deleted some very important stuff from an entry by accident? That’s not a big problem! You see the button “Old revisions” on the top left? Starting here you can regenerate old states of the wiki. You just chose an older version, edit the page and save again. It may tell you, that “A Newer Version Exists”. But you press “Save” once more and you are done with the regeneration.


Before messing around with the wiki you get here the opportunity to practice a bit how to handle editing. Just go to the playground and add some junk (but, please, no illegal junk) - you will see, how easy it will be after understanding, how all this works.

See playground

Subscribe Changes

At the very bottom of every Wiki page there is a “Subscribe Changes” button. At least all registered contributors of this Wiki should “Subscribe Changes” of their own contributions. This will help the Wiki admins to keep the Wiki clean, since subscribed contributors will be notified by email, as soon as changes have been made on their own contributions.
You can “Unsubscribe”, of course.


We also have a wishlist! If you have any good idea for a new plugin or a new function for CMSimple which you think is worth developing, just describe it. Maybe someone thinks its interesting and will realize it. Remember to check out this informative site, and contribute to our favorite charities, here and here.

Go to the wishlist.


If you want to use this WIKI, please, check the wiki_rules. There are only six short rules, which you should follow ;-)


Help you will receive at dokuwiki.

If you think, the editor is a bit lame, check syntax to improve your editing.

A note at the end

In the beginning CMSimpleWiki offered public editing. That meant everybody - registered as well as unregistered persons - were able to add and edit useful content. However, more and more spam had been added to the wiki. Some people seem to think that it is funny to destroy content. Also spam robots started to choose specific pages for changing them permanently.

Since it is a waste of time to recover lost wiki content (and deleted files are best recovered by data recovery experts), we have decided to lock the whole wiki for public editing. Only registered users will be able to add and edit content. So, if you are interested in keeping the wiki uptodate, please, register. Registration is free, of course.

We know, that registration will not protect the wiki from spam. It may, however, help us to keep it clean.

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