The GoogleMap plugin is used to insert a map using Google global map, which can be integrated into any CMSimple page by means of the CMSimple scripting command or it can also be integrated into CMSimple template.


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Henrik Eismark, 2008/05/14 12:09

You are asked to change the Google key, but the help text doesn’t mention it.

Getting a new key for your web site still generates the text that the key you have generated is in use for another website.

Connie Müller-Gödecke, 2008/11/18 14:58

Unfortunately the links to download and plugin-page don’t work anymore

johnjdoe, 2008/11/19 08:22

You could use the plugin GXRoute as well:

Tibor Domokos, 2010/06/11 10:07


I put some extra feature into the Googlemap!

Now the v 2.0.0 contains the following features:

- Starting map type: NORMAL / SATELLITE / HYBRID (uppercase needed!)

- Marker color (only with text: red / yellow / blue / green / ect.)

- Messagebox text up to 5 lines! The first is a bigger one

- Messagebox font family

- Messagebox font size

- Messagebox font color

- Text area width

- Logo

- Logo width & height

You can download it from here:

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