Advanced TOC

Advanced TOC is the name of a navigation system generator included with some templates. It expands the possibility’s of the standard navigation system and allows for totally different navigation styles. It was created by Jens Bröcher, Webmaster of

Advanced TOC makes it possible to add breaks and labels into the menu, and to open links in new windows. This is not possible with the standard cmsimple navigation. It also can cut of very long headlines so they fit nice into the menu. It then displays a tooltip with the full text on mouse over.

Advanced TOC adds lots of new CSS classes and Javascript Event Handlers (onmouseover / onmouseout etc.) to make it easy to create fantastic styles formerly impossible to do. If you use pictures in the menu, it is recommended to preload them to avoid flickering.


To get the navigation system go to and download the “alien planet” or “portalpage” template. For a demo of the navigation systems features go to:

How to use

Add a Category by using


before a Headline and hide the page using

#cmsimple hide#

Example: <h1>category:My Friends</h1>

in the content

Add a Spacer by using


Headlines that are to long get auto-truncated and a toolip appears instead


This is a very long headline that does not fit into the navigation

will become

This is a very long ...


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