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CURRENT EVENTS Ver 1.0 For CMSimple v2.8

This is a simple Calendar and events addon that I’m using on my site. It’s not a polished script, but it functions well.

It utilizes code form AUTOPAGEINDEX by Transistor… to list the current month’s events in a traditional calendar format by making an INDEX type summary of all <H4>-headlines of the page.

The calendar only shows events that fall in the range of the current month. However, all other events are displayed below the calendar and will eventually be displayed and removed as they fall into and out of the current month’s range.

To add an event simply use the H4 TAG to list your event’s date and title.

[3 letter month] [day] [4 digit year] [event title]
Use regular text on the following lines to hold your actual events information.

Sep 15 2007 - Stake and Lobster Night
Our Women’s Fort-Nightly Club will host an all night - all you can eat event
Location: etc.
Time: etc.
Contact: etc.

Hopefully you get the idea ;-)

To view the working Addon goto EventsCalendar
To use this Addon follow the instructions provided at the top of the php file included in this download

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