offers several improvements over its predecessor:

  • Users can easily install plugins and templates. Just copy the respective files into the plugins or templates folder,
  • The site stays standards compliant. No mix of html and xhtml, which was usually generated by the classic CMSimple,
  • Many settings are user-friendly configurable through menus, instead of through complicated scripting as in classic CMSimple. Tasks such as using a specific template for one page, different meta-tags for each page or a heading which is differing from the navigation have become simple.
  • Users have the choice of up to date modern on-line editors like in other popular CMSes. The old CMSimple editor “oEdit”, which created different and often chaotic source code depending on the browser isn't used any more.

We aim not to bloat CMSimple_XH with extensions or pre-installed plugins. Users can easily install additional plugins themselves that they need. The basic system will stay as small as possible to be still a viable and user-friendly CMS.

Thus CMSimple_XH follows a different approach as some former all-include-CMSimple-packages or CMSimple-spin-off's do.

However CMSimple_XH can be an interesting standard-compliant basis for new all-include-packages.

More informations:

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