Dreamweaver Toolbar

This Extension adds a new toolbar to Dreamweaver which is very helpfull when creating new templates for the cmsimple.dk content management system.

It makes creating templates much more convenient and fun because there is no need to remember all those commands to insert into the template.htm file!

To use it you need at least Dreamweaver MX

The Dreamweaver toolbar can be downloaded at:

What do the Icons do?

  • Adds the head code
  • Adds the onload code, required by the editor
  • Adds a link to the sitemap
  • Adds the table of contents (navigation)
  • Adds the searchbox
  • Adds a path to the image folder in the template directory
  • Adds the editor toolbar thats visible when in admin mode
  • Adds the main content area
  • Adds the submenu
  • Adds the locator (breadcrump navigation)
  • Adds a link to login
  • Displays the language menu on a multilingual website
  • Adds a link to the guestbook
  • Add a link to the mailform
  • Adds a printlink
  • Adds a link to the sitemap
  • Inserts copyright information (powered by cmsimple.dk) required for unlicensed websites
  • Unordered List Item
  • Adds a link to the previous page
  • Adds a top link (when clicked the page jumps to the top, also requires an anchor named top)
  • Adds a link to the next page
  • Adds the last updated information


Tillman Schuster, 2007/06/10 13:28:

Will it work with the Dreamweaver Adobe Edition, too? Till

jens, 2007/06/12 20:19:

Yes, it should work with Dreamweaver CS3, but i have not tested this...

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