How do I create new WIKI pages?

It’s not that difficult! Let’s say you want to present a brand new plugin you just have finished.

1) go to the page Plugins (Start). You will see the list of available plugins.

2) edit the page and add below all previous plugins the name of your plugin “myNewPlugin”.

3) mark the word “myNewPlugin” and click the “Internal Link” button.

4) save and exit the editor.

5) now follow the new, red-coloured link by clicking it.

6) a new page will appear saying “This topic does not exist yet”. Click the button “Create this Page”.

7) an empty editor window will come up. Write the heading, the name of your plugin and mark it as “H1”.

8) describe your plugin and offer a download link. However you can also upload your plugin as file, if you want to store the plugin within the wiki. You also can add images to show previews of your plugin.

If you want to present a new addon, you go to addons and do the same as descibed.

If you want to present a new CMSimple trick, you go to tips and tricks and do the same as described.

If you need help on how to use the wiki’s syntax, check Syntax.

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