oEDIT - modified

This oEDIT version of CMSimple‘s built-in editor warns you before leaving the page, if you have changed but not saved your content.

To personalize your warning open your language file in /cmsimple/languages and add:

$tx['editor']['savealert']="My personalized Message";

Furthermore, this oEDIT version contains a horizontal ruler. In addition, you can have H5 and H6 buttons, if you add to your specific language file the two lines:

["h5","Heading 5","Format selected paragraph(s) as Heading 5"],
["h6","Heading 6","Format selected paragraph(s) as Heading 6"],

This oEDIT version should work for CMSimple v.2.6 and higher.

The changes were partially made according to

Download: oEDIT.ZIP

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