Also is a content-sensitive subcontent function, writen as a plugin for CMSimple by Ricardo Serpell.

It requires any of the available pluginloaders to include itself into CMSimple and work properly (you may otherwise add the function’s code yourself into CMSimple code the way you do with addons). Also is currently in its first stage of development and is provided for beta testing only.

What it does:

This function is meant to be placed in the template file. When the user is visiting a certain page from the main content also detects which page is being displayed and outputs additional subcontent at function location in the template. Subcontents are stored on a plain html file (much CMSimple-like).

Functionality is provided to add subcontents to this file(s) directly in the relevant pages when in the administration area of CMSimple. The function stores them in their correspondent html files. (As of writing use of <H1>, <H2> or <H3> tags inside subcontent output is not possible).


In your template (where you want the subcontent to appear) just add the code:

<?PHP echo also('subcontentfilename'); ?>

The value subcontentfilename is the name of the html subcontent file without it’s extension. When created it will reside inside the also folder. If there is no such subcontentfilename.htm file in the also folder, also will create a new one automatically.

It is advisable to place the function call inside a DIV or Table-cell so you can control it’s appearance or size through CSS.

You can add the also function call in different places in your template, and they can point to different subcontent files. Just use different subcontentfilename options in the function call.

Adding new contents to your subcontent areas is as simple as logging in as administrator, browsing to the relevant main content page, pasting your html-formated contents inside the subcontent text-area and pressing the save button. The contents are saved into the corresponding html file (one subcontent at a time).

This image shows also subcontent editing while logged in as administrator in CMSimple:
ALSO subcontent editing

Editing is done exactly where the function is placed in the template (template appearance might be disrupted while doing so, or if subcontents are bigger that their container).


After download of file, unzip it inside CMSimple‘s “plugins” folder. A new folder named also should now be visible inside “plugins” folder. Inside this folder there should be a file named index.php. If you have already installed any of the pluginloaders then that’s it, you may start calling the function from your templates as described in section Usage.

There are no config files or options yet. They are soon to come though.

Important Note: Folder and files should have full read/write permissions (0777) for also to work propperly.

Download Links:

To download the beta version of also :
(use it at your own risk, it’s a beta version)

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