simpleBlog (sBlog) is a little CMSimple plugin that allows managing multiple text blog files that can handle individual Blogs/Comments on every CMSimple page.


  1. display of email and website of visitor with on/off toggle.
  2. simple Captcha function with on/off toggle.
  3. record release function with on/off toggle. Moderator decides whether entries are shown or not.
  4. comments in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  5. comment editor is placed at the bottom, if comments are shown in chronological order. It is placed at the top, if comments are shown in reverse chronological order.
  6. cleanText function with on/off toggle.
  7. email notice function.
  8. input control of mandatory fields with alert boxes. The captcha function even alerts if a wrong number code has been typed in.
  9. one image per message can be shown by adding an image’s web address.
  10. image max size (width/height) can be configured in order to protect rendering (allow_url_fopen must be “on” or the sBlog CSS must be changed).
  11. images can be viewed in their original size by clicking on the individual image (allow_url_fopen must be “on”).
  12. using the sBlog admin modul individual text files can be edited as well as be deleted.
  13. using the sBlog admin modul sBlog can individually be configured, styled (via CSS), and the language files can be changed. There is an extensive help file available.
  14. German, English French, Norwegian, and Danish language packs.

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