Svarrer's FAQ Plugin

A plugin to generate a list of frequently asked questions. It is version 0.1. Contrary to genizFAQ, which stores the FAQ data in the main content.htm file, here the FAQ are stored in an external file, which has to be edited by the plugin.

It can be downloaded from:

Svarrer’s main download page can be found at:


Svarrer’s FAQ don’t come with help files. The following download contains a “help” folder which can be copied into the “faq” plugin folder. A new button will appear which offers help. In addition this download comes with a slightly changed admin.php file, which will rename “faq” plugin’s “Plugin Configuration” button into “Plugin editor”. A prerequisite to function is Pluginloader v.2.0 beta9 or beta10.

Download: faq_update01

see also genizFAQ

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