The GX Link plugin is a script designed to organize categorized link collections like web catalogues.

It is developed and distributed under GPL by Gerd Xhonneux from xtc.

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GXLink’s home page with informations can be accessed at:

GXLink could be downloaded here:

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Gerd Xhonneux, 2007/11/21 07:34:

GXLink is alpha for the moment. As I said in the forums, the admin part is under development and not yet available.

But the frontend is functional.

Gerd Xhonneux, 2007/12/06 17:00:

GXLink is now beta and has a functional frontend and backend.

Martin Sereday, 2007/12/06 17:46:

I tried to install the 1b1 with CMSimple28,29,30 but have got only a couple of errors like this:

Php-Txt-Db-Access Error: PHP Error: [2048] Creating default object from empty value [Line: 1518] [File: E:\CMS28\plugins\gxlink\txt-db-api\resultset.php]

etc. etc. etc.

Php-Txt-Db-Access Error: Query ‘SELECT * FROM links’ failed

What can be the reason? As soon as I have it working I’ll make SK translation.

Gerd Xhonneux, 2007/12/07 08:05:

IMHO that’s because you don’t have chmod your files / folders correctly. And use allways the latest version (0.1 b 2 for the moment)

Martin Sereday, 2007/12/07 08:28:

How about if I am testing only on my localhost? There’s no CHMOD needed. Right now I installed the 1b2 under CMSimple_2.7 andcalled it by

#cmsimple $ouput.=gxlink();#

But the result is tha same:

Php-Txt-Db-Access Error:

PHP Error: [2048] Creating default object from empty value [Line: 1518] [File: C:\wamp\www\cmsimple271\plugins\gxlink\txt-db-api\resultset.php]

Gerd Xhonneux, 2007/12/07 09:02:

Don’t know about Windows, I use it allways on *nix.

What if you call it like this:

#cmsimple $ouput.=gxlink(”DBlink”);#

Please put the following before line 92 in index.php from GXlink:

echo $database;

What is the result?

Martin Sereday, 2007/12/07 13:16:

Nothing changed. And I see one more problem (too bad) - as long as any of GX... plugins are installed (at least with CMSimple2.9) the admin functions don’t work. I can’t access IMAGES, DOWNLOADS, SETTINGS, LOGOUT. Sorry for that because the plugins are really excellent. SK translations are here:

http://cmsimple.sk/downloads/gxsecurity_sk.zip http://cmsimple.sk/downloads/gxgeturl_sk.zip http://cmsimple.sk/downloads/gxlink_sk.zip

Gerd Xhonneux, 2007/12/07 13:41:

Martin, please, do you tried what I proposed today on 09:02 for GXLink? What are the results?

Let us discuss the rest via email because that’s easier, ok? You have my mail.

I don’t understand exactly what you mean? I have GXSecurity running on a CMSimple 2.9 without problems (http://xsite.xhonneux.org). I have all admin functions too. Do you saw my remark (Known problems) on the documentation of GXSecurity (http://xtc.xhonneux.com/?Projekte:GXSecurity:English)? That’s perhaps your problem.

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