Link exchange

Linkex is a plug-in that lets you manage your link page. See a demo here.

plugin, by Amir.


  1. Everyone can add there website link to your link page, only if they put a reciprocal link first.
  2. Advanced admin panel.
  3. The admin can add edit delete and reorder links.
  4. The admin can add links with no reciprocal links. (by writing “nolink” )
  5. The admin can check all the links on the page for a reciprocal link.
  6. Two different link style: normal style and Google style (like addsense).

How to install

  1. Download the and extract.
  2. Upload the folder to the “plugins” folder (please keep the folder structure).
  3. Now add this code in the content area: #CMSimple $output.=golinkex(); #

Download page:

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