The MenuManager Plugin has been created to make the task of creating new pages and arranging existing one more convenient and less tedious! For example, if you want to move a page without the MenuManager, you have to go to source code view, cut everything, go to a different page, scroll to the end, insert a new headline, go to source view again, scroll again to the bottom and finally paste your clipboards components. Not exactly my definition of “simple”. So do yourself a favor and install the MenuManager Plugin now!

It allows you to move existing pages around by drag&drop and create new pages just with one click.

The Plugin supports different languages and comes with German and English language files.

MenuManager can be downloaded from

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Henrik Eismark, 2008/05/14 11:26:

I got an error on this one. ‘Couldn’t find Menumanager2006’ when seleting the plugin in the pluginloader.

The zipfile creates the path: plugins\menumanager2006\menumanager

If I move the content of \menumanager one step up, I don’t get the error but the plugin never starts.

Tillman Schuster, 2008/05/14 12:12:

Because the plugin is called “menumanager” and not “menumanager2006”

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