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This plugin is my very first effort to write a plugin and it is also the only one written so far. The only I have used as a background was djot’s tutorial (simple and excellent tutorial). The plugin itself is written as simple as my knowledge had allowed. The idea was to have a plugin for a simple ticker placable either within the content or a template (find more in help file). Only later I found it’s usability also in form of a simple slideshow, linked slideshow or combined text/image ticker.

Martin Sereday 2007/06/13 11:28

Download here: NewsTicker_v_1.1


Download: NewsTicker_v_1.1

New version 1.2 of the plugin is here. Changes: 1. Extended config variables 2. The message of the ticker/image-slideshow can be made different for various languages 3. Some values from the stylesheet have been moved into the config.php

Download here: NewsTicker_v_1.2

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Martin Sereday, 2007/06/13 11:21:

I would appreciate any comments or suggestion concerning the plugin. There are sure (or will rise up) improvements that would help me to learn more about plugin writing.

Martin Sereday, 2007/08/04 15:16:

I was asked to eplaing how to change settings of the message in News Ticker. I have found it easier to include all possible settings into the admin code. Still - the whole code is very simple and sure with a lack of professional aproach. But for aome of users seems to be useful. The upgraded version is available at:

Martin Sereday, 2007/08/05 12:26:

Instead of this plugin, you may also use the functon

[”insertMarquee”,”Vlož Text Ticker”,”Vlož Text Ticker”],

Add this function into your langugage file in cmsimple/languages and create a button for it to appear in oEditor. Use this button on desired position. A box appears (in HTML mode visible as a simple <marquee></marquee> tag>). Click twice this box to enter your message. The message can then be styled directly in HTML mode if you know the syntax. You can define:

Align: left, right, top, texttop, middle, absmiddle, baseline, absbottom

Behavior: scroll, slide, alternate


Direction: left, right, up, down

Height: in px

Width: in px

Hspace: in px

Vspace in px

Loop: number of times to repeat the message (0 = infinite, default)

Truespeed: no value needed

ScrollAmount: horizontal space between each successive draw of text; 6px default

ScrollDelay: time between successive draws in miliseconds; 85 is default

Last two are the values you may play with to change the speed

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