/dokuphp/plugins/simplemultiuser/smu02.jpgsimpleMultiUser (short: sMU) enables multiple editors/moderators with permissions to edit particular pages. These editors/moderators do not have access to the CMSimple administration area, they have only access to the web pages which have been assigned to them. This plugin is thought to be run in conjunction with Svarrer’s Memberpages plugin (or a similar software that allows restricted user management), since it is itself not coming with an own member management. That means: It does not really make much sense to run sMU without them. You can manage as many editors and their webpages as the Memberpages handle.

There is one drawback in using sMU plugin. The content which is maintained by sMU is not searched by CMSimple‘s search function, since this function walks only through CMSimple‘s own content.htm data file. But you may use the search function Google offeres, instead.

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1) Separate image directories
There is a slightly modified version available. This version stores content and image files for each user page together in a unique subdirectory for that specific user page. This is useful when maintaining a large site with lots of users. It also has a slightly different version of the editor which includes a preview button on the editor toolbar. There is a potential problem with this version if your server has safe_mode=on set as this will prevent it from creating the correct directories (you can check the setting on your server using phpinfo()). As soon as time allows I will add in error checking to report if the directories are not created correctly.
Modified Download: simpleMultiUser_V1_1

2) With Openwysiwyg uploaded images aren’t shown
On misconfigured Linux servers it is possible that the editor Openwysiwyg uploads images with the user rights chmod600. In that case the images are not visible in the content if inserted, although their file names are visible in Openwysiwyg’s image management. The reason is that image files receive wrong user rights upon the PHP “upload” command “move_uploaded_file”. If this happens and the ISP will not correct his mistake on server configuration, try to make the following change:

a) open the Openwysiwyg file openwysiwyg/addons/imagelibrary/insert_image.php
b) search for line 58 which should say:

move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $leadon . $_FILES['file']['name']);

c) change that line to:

move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $leadon . $_FILES['file']['name']) && chmod($leadon . $_FILES['file']['name'],0644);

Good Luck

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