What are Plugins?

Plugins are CMSimple additions with one or more specific functions which are not covered by CMSimple itself. They are copied into the plugin subfolder and managed by the PluginLoader

Installation of Plugins

Depending on which version of CMSimple you downloaded you may have to generate the folder /plugins in the root of CMSimple first before you start installing. The main folder structure should look like:
| +-2lang
| +-cmsimple
| +-content
| +-downloads
| +-images
| +-plugins
| +-templates


  1. You download a working plugin loader and copy it into the /plugins folder.
  2. You copy your favourite plugins into the /plugins folder. Such a plugin consists of a folder containing files and subfolders.
  3. To activate plugin handling by CMSimple you enter CMSimple»settings»edit configurations and add to the field “plugins_folder:” the word “plugins”. Now, you are set.

Available Plugins are:

Advanced Form: advanced_form

Advanced News: advanced_news

ALSO: also

Blog plugins: blogs

Bookings plugin: bookings

Calendar: calendar

Change this line: change_this_line

Contact us: contact_us

asform: asform

FAQ: FAQ Plugin

FAQ by Geniz: genizFAQ

Font-Size: font_size

Gallery plugins: galleries

GenizForum: genizforum

GenizNewsLetter: geniznewsletter

GoogleMap: googlemap

Guestbook plugins: guestbooks

GXGetUrl: gxgeturl

ip-info: ip-info

Latest News: latest_news

Link Collection: gxlink

Link Exchange: linkex

Link to us: link_to_us

Logout without backup:logout_without_backup

MakeOffline: makeoffline

Memberpages: Memberpages

Menu Manager: menumanager

News Ticker: news_ticker

Online Visitors: online visitors

PayPal Donation: paypal donation

PluginInstaller/Updater/Remover: plugininstaller

Poll Plugin: poll

RapidAccessCode: RapidAccessCode

Register Plugin: register

RSS-Feed: rss_feed

RSS-Reader: simplerss

Scheduled Content: scontent

Security Plugin: gxsecurity

simpleMultiUser: simpleMultiUser

SwitchEditor: switcheditor

Tell a friend: tell_a_friend

Web-Directory: wdir

WhatsNew: whatsnew

Wrapper: wrapper

myNewPlugin: myNewPlugin

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