Since the author played with some external editors for CMSimple, he missed a feature to quick change the online editor without going to the config-panel. Until now, Oedit is the best choice for scripting. But the other editors have more features and a better output. That’s why he wrote this peace of code.

SwitchEditor plugin creates an button to switch between your two favourite editors - when you’re loged in to CMSimple and view your content in normal-mode. You can set two editors of your choice in the config of the Switcheditor-plugin. A click on the button changes the active CMSimple editor and reloads the last page in edit mode to your other editor.

Maybe there’s someone out there who missed that feature too.

You can download the latest version here: http://holgerirmler.de/playground/?Switcheditor-Plugin

Please refer to the shipped help file, to get more informations about the plugin and it’s installation.

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