The goal of this plugin is to generate an automated page that shows, what content has been edited.

The plugin finds <new pages>,<moved pages> and <removed pages>, whether they are <H1>,<H2> or <H4> pages, creates direct links to them and displays a previewtext from the changed content. The plugin takes an older file from within the content folder (a backup file) and compares it to the following file. This way the history period shown by the plugin depends on the amount of cmsimple history files. within the plugin-configuration you can set an maximum of backup-files to be compared, so one can have an huge amount of backups and a pagehistory only 2 or 3 changes back (==faster and less server load).

the plugin is freeware and will remain so!

New features: includes detection of changes within the galleries and subfolders (or gallery pages), displays thumbnails with link to image or gallery-page! Also the plugin will highlight new text when pressed the “read more” button. (useful for large text pages as blogs or diaries)

To set up the plugin just copy the files to the csimple plugin folder and try the new wizzard within the plugin-admin page, or create a new page (or insert the following code to the template) and insert the following code:

#CMsimple $output .= findwhatsnew();#

tested with:

- cmsimple 2.9 with Pluginloader

- cmsimple 3.02 beta 2 (no additional Pluginloader needed)

ATTENTION: in case of server problems PLZ request per Email or PM within the cmsimple.dk/forum! mailto://[email protected]

A working example could be seen at:

WhatsNew can be downloaded from

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For my page the plugin always showed 3 files have been changed, even i had not changed them. While I had several headers with the same text, it seems the diff.php gets trouble with them. After changing all headers to different text all worked fine. JM2C Andreas (androsch (at) augustakom.net, 30-09-2007)

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