WIKI Rules

1) Every registered user can edit content and/or generate new content - as far as he is able to make a useful contribution. Useful contributions are i.e. adding new plugins, addons or new CMSimple tricks, improving the content, get rid of bad English as well as removing just spelling errors.

2) If you want to add a new plugin, addon or a great new CMSimple trick you can add it directly to the plugins, addons or tips_and_tricks section. But, please, only if you know, how to generate new pages (see help at dokuwiki or creating_new_pages).

3) If you are not sure, how to generate new pages, add your plugin (addon etc.) into the respectiv “plugins_new” section (or addons_new or tips_and_tricks_new). One of the admins will generate and move it over to a normal page when he finds any time.

4) For some topics there are discussions possible. Describe your experience with the new addon you tested in your CMSimple site. Describe flaws, bugs or even speak out loudly, if you think it’s the most world moving plugin you ever experienced. To participate at discussions you need to be registered. (Registration is free, of course!)

5) As a registered user you can follow the developement of a plugin (addon etc.) you are interested in by “Subscribing Changes” on this specific change. You will then always be informed via email, when people made changes to this page.

6) THIS IS NOT A FORUM!!! This is a WIKI! That means private CMSimple problems and questions about CMSimple plugins and addons should still be asked in the CMSimple Forum. That’s a forum’s job. In this WIKI the CMSimple additions will be presented and discussed. “Discussion” means exchange of experience with the CMSimple additions and suggestions to improve their function.

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