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What do you think would be a useful addition for cmsimple? Maybe, there will be an enthusiast who will overtake the job

1. On-Line Booking System

I would like to see an “on-line Booking” system add-on module. Not the type that allows people to book resources like board room or class room use or similar (because there’s any number of those around for intranet use).

I mean a system where people can book tickets to a play (seat numbered or not) or secure a numbered weekend market stall on the internet (and pay for same using credit card or Pay pal) so that the particular seat or stall they booked (and paid for) doesn’t show as available to subsequent visitors. Another use might be for people with a holiday cabin or two or a bed and breakfast for people to book and pay on line against a calendar.

The calendar of course needs to be modifiable because while an accomodation facility might be available every day, a stage play or the weekend market stalls are only only on certain dates or days of the week.

I also envisage that a plan of the seating or the market stall layout (numbered) would be viewable and at least static (easy). But it would even be better if the plan showed booked seats or stalls in red and not available on that date or performance date (not as easy).

Don’t want much do I? :-) wayneDOTfitzsimonsATgmailDOTcom

2. Custom 404 page

Maybe it is already done, but I can’t find it. How to make a “404 page not found” page. Or even other errors like no acces.




Check http://www.cmsimple.dk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3478

Would this answer your question?


The German Translation of the conversation

2. Eigene 404 Seite

Vielleicht ist es bereits schon fertig, aber ich kann es nicht finden. Wie macht man eine “404” nicht gefunden” Seite. Oder andere “Fehlerseiten” ähnlich wie “Kein Zugriff”

Mit freundlichen grüßen Mr. Noname the translator;-)


Check http://www.cmsimple.dk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3478

Mr. Noname the translator;-)

3. A better register function or memberfunction

Register I would like a better register function og memberfunction. The one that there is is not easy to get to work and the looks could be better.

4. Multi-user login with individual permissions.

Multi-user login with individual permissions. I would like to allow a user to edit pages only in their department. I would like to keep the admin functions, like changing the template from all users except the administrator.


For simpleMultiUser there is a modfication available - right here in CMSimpleWIKI. It seems to do the things you want. Would this help out?


5. auction-plugin

We have delivered several sites powered with CMSimple, and we discovered there is a market for an auction-plugin. More or less like Quick-Chart. A “create” function with image upload to a dedicated folder, returning a new sub-page where visitor can place a bid to the article.


Quick.Cart for CMSimple is inserted in an iframe. You could do the same with any auction platform. Just take the templates which are provided with the shop and exchange the shop with the auction platform. Would this be a solution for you?


6. Another editor with sMU plugin


I use simple multiuser. Is it possible to insert a pdf as a link in OPENWYSIWYG? or even better. To use FCKeditor instead off OPENWYSIWYG




Please, ask this kind of questions in the CMSimple User Forum. This here is a WIKI not a Forum.


7. oEDIT with spec. target window selection

When you want to make a link on a page, the default setting is to open a new page in the same window. If i want too open the link in a new window (target = _blank) i have to put the code in myself. Wouldn’t it be nice that Oedit got an option too choose if the link could bee in the same window (target = _self)or as i want to, in a new window (target =_blank). Does anybody know how to rewrite the code in Oedit to make this option??? Michael


I Wish a German ONLINE SHOP !!! :-D

I wish also a good shop system


There is this one Quick.Cart shop available in conjunction with CMSimple. Quick.Cart has language packages. There was once, and I believe there isn’t any more, a shop plugin for CMSimple. But I believe, it never fulfilled German and/or European laws dealing with online shops.

If you don’t like the Quick.Cart shop, but need something like xtCommerce, it wouldn’t be too hard to include this shop as it has been done for the Quick.Cart shop - namely as an iframe. I saw already osCommerce in conjunction with CMSimple somewhere.

To make a real good shop system is a real big deal!!! To build a CMSimple plugin containing a real good shop requires a big group of good developers, who don’t need to earn money to make the plugin running under AGPL ;-)


10. External link option missing

External link option missing

Wouldnt it be nice,in OEdit, to have the option of choosing: “Open in a new window” (target =_blank) as an option in a drop down list.


11. Changing font sizes

It is possible to add an menu item to editor with enables to change the font size?


For changing font size, there exists already a plugin: Font Size

12. Changing Layouts

Is it possible for the user, to change the layout by only one click? I can’t find an order like this.

Very, very smart is the idea, to change the layout on any side by click, but that’s only stuff.

thanks Ana

13. Link Catalogue


it would be very nice to have a link catalogue or website index function for CMSimple as plugin. I’m still looking for that.

Kind regards, Jens


I’m writing for the moment a new plugin for categorized link collections like web catalogues named GXLink.

It’s in alpha status for the moment and will be available as beta soon.

When the new plugin is ready, I’ll make a new page about it here in the wiki. You could have a look on the project page too: http://xtc.xhonneux.com/?Projekte:GXLink (only in german for the moment but the plugin is multilanguage)



Hello Gerd,

it’s fine to have a response to the request. Well, I’ll watch your site and see what’s going on.

Best regards, Jens


Here is the wiki page for this new plugin: http://www.cmsimplewiki.com/doku.php/plugins/gxlink


14. Counter

it would be very nice to have a counter on every page! for example, at the end of the page “This page was seen XXX times; this site was seen XXX times.”
i can’t find any plugin similar to this!


There exist the addonsbydjot which come with a counter. Whether it does what you suggested I don’t know. The addons cost a licence, though. Get in touch with djot via his website. However, I don’t know if he still would supply you with a copy of his software.

15. Pages outside the navigation

It would be nice to have pages who are not shown within the navigation tree. Though it is possible to have two navigations - the three, and static navigation to special pages. eg. the link to login, guestbook or form can be added individually.

Why don’t you use a newsbox with static links to hidden pages. The hidden pages, though, wouldn’ be shown in the sitemap.

16. Login to site

I like a plugin that will hide all content on the site until the user has logget in.

Answer: Memberspages?

17. Database

I’m looking for a database. Visitors should add their name, address and e-mail address to the database (csv). A counter on the homepage should show the actual numbers of datas within the database.

You could use MySQL, if it is available to you. How to use it in combination with CMSimple is described here.

18. attribute ALT input when inserting a image

With the current version of CMSimple you have to change to HTML layout to add a alt attribute. It would be nice to to this by inserting a image, it is a required attribute for Google to index images.

Peter H

oEDIT will probably never offer such a feature. If required one should use an alternative external editor like “openWYSIWYG”, “TinyMCE”, “Xinha”, or “FCKeditor”.


19. Suggestion

a) Plugin for nicer URL generation - with non-local characters from H1...Hx . example not odd%C3%ADlu from oddílu, but only eng oddilu.

b) WYSIWYG editor - when everything linkable is just in two comboboxes (not three as imho better→ internal links, images, downloads) it would be nice to have some search capabilities. “Jump to text as I type” is my favourite since the list is not even alphabetically ordered by default/by button.


20. Tag Cloud

I think a Tag Cloud, showing the most important (or most clicked) pages would be a nice feature.

Not (yet) a plugin, but perhaps a solution for your wish: Cloud

21. Maintenance Mode

Is there any proper idea for a “Maintenance Mode”?

Whenever I edit on a complete change of important pages, I’d like to have a knob to easily tell the system to skip the frontpage to “maintenance mode”, just displaying “Maintenance Mode. The site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try back in 60 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience.”


I need a plug-in which opens the first h2 tag in this category if i cklick on the h1 link, is this possible?

22. Quiz plugin

Quiz plugin: I could really use a Quiz plugin to use for educational purpose.

23. File Upload

File Upload / Form submission plugin: I could really use the ability to have file uploads attached to a form submission. I would love to just add the functionality to AdvancedForm plugin, but it appears his code is encrypted. Do I need to build a webform generator from scratch (fashioned after the Drupal Webform module) or is there already something like this that I haven’t found.

Example: Running an essay contest site and need the essay writers to fill out a form and upload their essay (.doc / .rtf / .pdf) at the same time.

24. Single set of documentation

It would be nice if the existing documentation could be pulled together as either a pdf or into something like a .chm file.

25. Google sitemap

Is is possible to make a Google Sitemap (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/docs/en/protocol.html) with a plugin for CMSimple? It might help to gert your site indexed.

26. External SMTP server

How about a method for using an external mail server? A number of hosting solutions (like mine) use an external SMTP server to send mail. As far as I can tell, CMSimple expects a mail server to be installed and configured on the same machine as the webserver.

Answer: Aren’t there enough freeware solutions around? Hamster and the like? Till

27. Slideshow

It would be nice to have a plugin that would be able to present pictures in a slide show and that would work like HighslideforCMSimple, that aslong as page name and server folder are the same can present the pictures in that folder, with maybe the option to use/notuse the highslide posibility so that the plugin can run alongside your content in a page that one desires.

28. Suggestion

29. Suggestion

30. Suggestion

31. Suggestion

32. Suggestion

33. Suggestion

34. Suggestion

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